Saturday, January 14, 2012


5 years ago, I had stumbled across this website and had occasionally looked at it as a source of information for rock band coming to Australia. In 2010, I had my photo taken with a friend from a Photographer of FasterLouder and I had always wanted to take photos for this site. On New Years 2012, I got accepted by their editor to be a photographer! 

I was totally stoked, My first gig was last night at Norfolk Hotel for three great bands, and my next big one is on Wednesday with a USA band, LYDIA @ Amps. I'm so excited yet nervous at the same time! 

Here is the site to my new published photo album :) 

PS. Today, a band also requested for my photo and video skills! I finally might have enough to pay off this Portrait Course I paid for just recently with Camera Club Australia. Life is becoming the dream. 

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