Monday, October 24, 2011


Alright, I'm trying not to get too excited about starting this up, because the last thing I want is to expect too much out of it. But talking to an inspiration of this field the other day, made me realize how possible this all became to me. It was about learning and getting the ropes on a business. I'm not one of knowing anything about businesses, but I know feeling inspired and motivated was the best place to start in this! I'm going to take this slow, and hopefully once I've got a more dynamic range of images in my portfolio, I can share it with people who can appreciate my work. Getting offered to contribute to an online music magazine to the genre that I love and breathe, is easily the most uplifting things that has happened to me this month! Hopefully I can use it well in the next two months, getting access to shoot photos at gigs that I normally wish I could go to alone is the perfect way to improve my skills but meet a whole bunch of new exciting people. Concert Photography is on it's way. But so is the opportunity to expand this photography to wherever I want to go!

JTIONOWIDJAJA PHOTOGRAPHY is starting, and I wanted to save this printscreen to see how it all started. Thanks for reading. x

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