Saturday, June 30, 2012

But Maybe...

Have you looked down a path and wondered where it would take you? You could stand where you are and have a million different destinations in your mind, you could be afraid of what you might find if you chose to go that way, or you could end up with the regret of never knowing. There are thinkers, those who regret and dreamers. This path could take you to the most amazing places, happiness, success and love. This path could be everything you've thought and dreamed, or more, an unknown future. You stumbled across this path for a reason, maybe it's an opportunity to find what you've been searching for. It could give you purpose for your life. 

A young man falls in love with a young woman from afar, she is beautiful, elegant and popular among her peers. She speaks her mind and lives her dreams, but he does not. He only watches her, listens to her melodic voice as she speaks to him. He thinks of how to express his love to her, he thinks of what to buy her for valentines, he thinks of how happy he is when he is with her. He doesn't think of the future, he only thinks of now, but the saddest part is that he will never have enough courage to act beyond his thoughts. He is a thinker. 

A young woman breaks up with her boyfriend after months of fighting, she cries every night during and after their relationship but she doesn't move on. All she thinks about now is her life with him, he was a charming, smart and handsome man. He made her laugh and they spent all their time together. But all she thought about was his mistakes and how he never knew how to love her. She doesn't date anyone, she is upset and frustrated all the time, but really she refuses to look forward or not brave enough to because all she's ever known are the regrets. She is one who regrets.

You have always dreamed of becoming someone you are not. You imaging yourself standing at the podium, waving your trophy to the loved ones around you, proud of yourself for working so hard to achieve what you did, you want to look back at your life and say, "Yes, I've come this far." or, "Yes, I deserve this." and you want to look forward and tell everyone that, "Yes, it's possible." You start off with a dream, which becomes an ambition, a drive, a motivation to work as hard as you do. You're happy being single or when you share your life with someone, either way you are happy and the opportunities just continue to arise in your horizon. You dream of what life is like when you are happiest, and all you can think about is that. You are a dreamer.

Maybe you were a man who only thought of her, or you were the woman who only looked back to regret a life of hurt. But maybe you were all of the above, and stumbled unexpectedly across a path and wondered where it would take you...


I've never been brave enough to share entries like this, but I came across this railyway in Fremantle one afternoon, and all I could think of was something along these lines. Hope you enjoyed something a little different. x

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