Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let The Music Play

2004 was one of the biggest turning points in my life, I started to listen to rock music. The tattoos, eccentric hair, frowning faces and piercings used to scare me because I was 14 and went to an all girls Catholic school, anything more than a short skirt was too overwhelming for me to handle. Secret's out. Good Charlotte was the first band I listened to, and they showed me the beauty of hurt and love connected through music and lyrics. So I searched for more bands, bought their CDs, put them into my walkman and listened to them until my heart was about to implode with a sense of purity and satisfaction. I grew up, and I could finally go to concerts without bringing my dad. By 2007, I was in love with the genre and with the bands I started to grow up with, the unsigned labels, the new & young bands taking a leap of faith to achieve their dreams. Lyrics started to seem more real, like they knew exactly how I felt at times and knew the perfect way to express it. Melodies and instrumentals collaborated to create a completely novel colour to an emotion, a situation or of life itself. From what I have heard, no other genre of sound can connect to me like this one does. Going to concerts, meeting with members of bands who wrote music to get me through a break up, a break down or a moment of any kind, has been amazing and no words could explain the feeling. It's unbelievable with how many other people out there experience music the way I do, and thought I was an unusual person to love music the way I do. Finding new music or new bands that are perfect in every shape and form can easily become the happiest moment in my life. It's like finding a treasure or a diamond in the rough. Music has shaped me in every way possible, and it continues to help me grow and teach me new things just by being there for me. Music has been my escape, my love, my life, my heart, my everything and I'm so grateful to have found it, because now I won't be able to live without it. And to love something that much, is worth everything I am.

This was before I had a digital compact camera, it was the best concert I have ever been to. Good Charlotte [17 Oct 2007]
Paramore was amazing. Hayley Williams is just inspiring. [10 Oct 2010]
Went to watch Valencia twice in one day. There was pretty much only 40-50 people in the crowd, so I got to hi5 and hug Brendan and George after the show. They are so down to earth. [21 Nov 2010]
We The Kings [07 March 2011]
Mayday Parade were so mind blowing LIVE, and Derek was the most sincere musician I have ever met. [03 March 2011]
Every Avenue
Every Avenue was also really good LIVE, he has amazing vocals, and again only 50 people in the crowd [03 March 2011]
ADTR was unexpectedly really well performed with a lot of circus acts to keep us entertained [08 May 2011]
Boyce Avenue, better quality than youtube, but didn't play for long enough. All in all, it was a great night. [23 August 2011]
I know these photos aren't the best, but thanks to my Canon IXUS 80, they had to survive the mosh pit and my over excitement. Music has been and will always be my everything, I'm even beaming with happiness just to share with you about how much it really means to me.  

"When I'm hanging by a thread, & I've got nothing to give. Let the music play."- Good Charlotte

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