Friday, September 9, 2011

The Little City

One beautiful sunny Saturday in East Perth & Perth City, it was nice to take the camera out for a walk :)

I understand that this was slightly overexposed, but I loved the shadow effect of the trees. Plus there's something about this area that makes it look European.

Trying to position the photo perfectly without wasting too much space. It was nice to get a level of rocks, sea, earth, mankind, sky and trees all in the one photo.
This is my favourite photo of the Bell Tower, I love the position, the colours including all the shades of blue, the contrast, the use of space and balance, I would so post-card this one.
Perth isn't the most exciting place in the world, but it's nice to find beauty and appreciate the little city for what it is.

Would love advice on Landscape Photography since it's my biggest area of interest.
Give it to me if you've got it!


  1. Love the shots :) Especially the Bell Tower shot! Will msg u soon with when the next photowalk is if you're interested :) Janice

  2. wow love the photos you've taken. Looking at the city from different angles is nice, I forget how pretty Perth can be :) Loving the last shot :)