Saturday, August 18, 2012

A New Start - The Photography Institute

It's a new era, with a new start to life, future and everything in between. This week was the new turning point in my life, and let's just say it was a tough week. New steps are taken and new ideas were created from them. There are a million possibilities to where I will end up, but there's no point turning away from something I had never tried. It starts with enrolling myself into The Photography Institute Professional Photography Course. Which involves 12 Modules, more than 24 weeks of work, readings and assignments to do. It'll be a kick start to a new challenge, a massive learning curve and a brighter future that rhymes with Diploma. So, I'm completely inspired to live the months ahead with a creative eye, and an open mind to a new perspective. I will be tutored by the famous David Dennings of Eye Candy Photography, and I cannot wait to learn what he has to offer! 

Today I spent my day editing my first Pre-Wedding Photos which will be out soon, and a beautiful Brunch at Delicious Fingers for a Cappucino and Eggs Benedict (My favourite!). With a little inspiration in Black & White while I read my first Module of the course. Hopefully 12 Modules later, I can come back to the same spot and come up with something even better! 

Thank you for reading this far, hopefully if you stick around so I can show you that dreams can come true with hard work and a little bit of faith.

- Jane 

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