Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life, Love and Loss

As we all grow older, we will experience life and love and maybe even the loss of these two valuable things. We know what makes us happy, and we try to forget what makes us angry. But we never forget what makes us hurt. There will be physical pain, that may come and go. But there will be the emotional pain, the one where you cry yourself to sleep at night and wonder why you're still alive, the one where you feel nothing but your heart beating slowly after a break up, or the one where you wish the person you loved would come back to life just to make sure they are okay. 

Life is inevitable. We all grow up, we all grow old, and the scariest part is that we all leave this world. Without sounding too morbid, the best part about knowing this is that it'll make us appreciate the amazing things and people we have in this life. We have eyes to see, ears to listen, legs to help us walk and a mouth to speak and sing. We can express the feelings we want to, and choose the people we want to share those feelings with. 

I decided to write this entry, to remind people - including myself, that we can live the life we want to, if we believe enough to try. I'm reminded by the family and friends I have lost in this life, to see life in a different light. With a different eye. The one where you can feel a message being delivered to you just by looking at it. I hope to never forget the reasons why I have always loved photography. It's the form of art, like music, where you can create and remember an emotion, a message or an inspiration with the blink of an eye. 

Life is so much more than what your eyes are seeing

This one's for you Mr Ryan. Rest In Peace.

Find the Silver Lining.

"I want to seriously think about what I can accomplish with what's left of my life." (
Broken Angel.

It's your life, so make sure you live it. 

- Jane Ashley

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