Saturday, August 25, 2012


You were the only one who watched me grow up with unjudged eyes. You would look into my eyes and I knew you were trying to tell me something, you didn't have a care in the world and I always envied you. You would roam care free within our home and you trusted us after years of belonging here with this family. You went to where you wanted, you ate what you wanted and made a mess wherever you were. You would rest your head on my shoulders when you were tired and sick, or when you just wanted company. You never asked more from me because you always knew that I gave everything I had. You preferred the silence, small spaces and heights so you couldn't be disturbed by small people. But when you were tired, you let us kiss you on the forehead because you knew we loved you very much. You were like a 15 year old sibling, but we never really knew if you were a brother or a sister, either way you were the naughty and cheeky. You knew how to annoy us, but you also knew how to make us feel better. You would ring louder than the door bell and welcomed us home after a tough day at school, university and work. We felt so guilty when the water in your bowl was empty, especially when you were desperate for a bath, but when we supplied it to you and apologised, you would squeek a sound of thanks. You slept anywhere and everythere, you trusted us as you closed your eyes and let us feel at home. We would always get so worried when we didn't see you for a couple of days, and when we find you, you would be comfortable and silent. You loved your jewellry, your rice and your vegies. You loved the wind blowing on your face and a rest on the shoulder. You would watch us wherever we went, and would listen to us when we tried to sing or play a song on the instrument. You loved my sister, and you kept her company, all she needed was you, and her for you. You would get angry alot, and scream a lot, but you always made us feel like it wasn't because of us. You had the rosiest cheeks, and you had so much character, especially the little feathers on the top of your head. Thank you for being there for me most of my life. Thank you for never leaving me when I needed you. Thank you for waiting for my sister to come back from Japan, she will miss you the most. Thank you for saying goodbye to each of us in your own way. Thank you for being that little angel in this family that we needed so much. I'm sorry you were left in the cold for so long, and I'm sorry we didn't take you to the vet, I'm sorry you felt so unwell and I hope you weren't in a lot of pain. I'm sorry you couldn't rest your head when you wanted to, and I wished I was there more. I was mourning the death of so many people in my life, and I was suffering in my own mental state, that I didn't realise you were suffering this much. You grew quiet, and your eyes closed often, you were thankful and you expressed your love very well. Thank you little friend, for being in my life, and leaving the way you did, I couldn't ask for you to do anything more. I'm so happy that you can finally rest that head of yours and lie down. We are all thinking about you, and there are so many moments in our life where we can look back and remember you for who you are. You had the heart and soul of being our everything, and no one would even realise that you were a little yellow bird. Like wings of an angel and a heart full of love, this family will miss you so much. 

Rest in Peace Tweety.

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